OptionsList is a variation of the OptionsGroup component which represents the list of options as a vertical scrollable list. If multi-select is enabled, multiple items can be selected by holding the Ctrl key while clicking, or as a range by holding the Shift key.

gui optionsList

XML name of the component: optionsList.

The OptionsList component is implemented for Web Client.

By default the OptionsList component displays the first null element in suggestion popup, this can be disabled with the help of nullOptionVisible attribute set to false.

The addDoubleClickListener() method allows you to listen to DoubleClickEvent which is sent when a user double-clicks on the component options.

optionsList.addDoubleClickListener(doubleClickEvent ->
        .withCaption("Double clicked")

For the same purpose, you can subscribe to the event in the screen controller, for example:

private void onOptionsListDoubleClick(OptionsList.DoubleClickEvent event) {
            .withCaption("Double clicked")

The only difference in API between OptionsList and OptionsGroup is that OptionsList has no orientation attribute.