This is a text area to display and enter formatted text.

XML name of the component: richTextArea

RichTextArea is implemented only for Web Client.

Basically, RichTextArea mirrors the functionality of TextField, except that you cannot set datatype for it. So, RichTextArea is intended for work only with text and entity attributes of type String.

gui RichTextAreaInfo

RichTextArea is also used to input and output HTML string. If the htmlSanitizerEnabled attribute is set to true, then the RichTextArea value will be sanitized.

protected static final String UNSAFE_HTML = "<i>Jackdaws </i><u>love</u> <font size=\"javascript:alert(1)\" " +
            "color=\"moccasin\">my</font> " +
            "<font size=\"7\">big</font> <sup>sphinx</sup> " +
            "<font face=\"Verdana\">of</font> <span style=\"background-color: " +

private RichTextArea richTextArea;

public void onInit(InitEvent event) {

The htmlSanitizerEnabled attribute overrides the value of global cuba.web.htmlSanitizerEnabled configuration property.