The LookupPickerField component enables to display an entity instance in a text field, select an instance in a drop-down list and perform actions by pressing buttons on the right.

gui lookupPickerField

XML name of the component: lookupPickerField.

In fact, LookupPickerField is a hybrid of LookupField and PickerField. Thus it has the same features except the default list of actions added when determining the component in XML: for LookupPickerField these are lookup lookupBtn and open openBtn actions.

Below is an example of using LookupPickerField to select a value of the color reference attribute of the Car entity:

    <instance id="carDc" class="com.haulmont.sample.core.entity.Car" view="carEdit">
    <collection id="colorsDc" class="com.haulmont.sample.core.entity.Color" view="_minimal">
        <loader id="colorsDl">
                <![CDATA[select e from sample_Color e]]>
    <lookupPickerField dataContainer="carDc" property="color" optionsContainer="colorsDc"/>