TimeField is a field for displaying and entering time.

gui timeField

XML-name of the component: timeField.

gui timeField dia

TimeField component is implemented for both Web Client and Desktop Client.

  • To create a time field associated with data, datasource and property attributes should be used:

        <datasource id="orderDs" class="com.sample.sales.entity.Order" view="_local"/>
        <timeField datasource="orderDs" property="deliveryTime"/>

    As you can see in the example above, the screen defines the orderDs data source for Order entity, which has deliveryTime attribute. The datasource attribute of the time input component contains a link to the datasource, and the property attribute – the name of the entity attribute displayed in the field.

    Related entity attribute should have java.util.Date or java.sql.Time type.

  • The time format is defined by the time datatype and is specified in the main localized messages pack in the timeFormat key.

  • The time format can also be specified in the timeFormat attribute. It can be either a format string, or a key in a message pack (with the msg:// prefix).

  • Regardless of the mentioned above format display of seconds can be controlled using showSeconds attribute. By default, seconds are displayed if the format contains ss.

    <timeField datasource="orderDs" property="createTs" showSeconds="true"/>
    gui timeFieldSec

Attributes of timeField

align - caption - editable - enable - datasource - description - height - icon - id - property - required - requiredMessage - showSeconds - stylename - timeFormat - visible - width

Elements of timeField