TextArea is a multi-line text editor field.

XML-name of the component: textArea

gui TextArea dia

TextArea component is implemented for both Web Client and Desktop Client.

TextArea mostly replicates the functionality of the TextField component except that a datatype can not be assigned to it. I.e. TextArea is intended to be used only for text and entity attributes of type String.

TextArea component has the following attributes:

  • cols and rows set the number of columns and rows of text:

    <textArea id="textArea" cols="20" rows="5" caption="msg://name"/>

    The values of width and height have priority over the values of cols and rows.

  • resizable – if this attribute is set to true and the number of rows is more than one, a user can change the size of the component:

    <textArea id="textArea" resizable="true" caption="msg://name" rows="5"/>
    gui textField resizable
  • wordwrap - set this attribute to false to turn off word wrapping.