RelatedEntities component is a popup button with a drop-down list of classes related to the entity displayed in a table. Once the user selects the required entity class, a new browser screen is opened, containing the instances of this entity class, related to the entity instances selected in the initial table.

gui relatedEntities

The XML-name of the component: relatedEntities

gui relatedEntities dia

The component is implemented for Web Client and Desktop Client.

Related entities are selected considering the user permissions for entities, entity attributes and screens.

By default, the browser screen for the class selected in the drop-down is defined by convention ({entity_name}.browse,{entity_name}.lookup). Optionally, you can define the screen explicitly in the component.

A filter selecting records related to the selected entities is dynamically created in the browser window.

Example of using the component in screen XML-descriptor:

<table id="invoiceTable"
        <action id="create"/>
        <action id="edit"/>
        <action id="remove"/>

    <buttonsPanel id="buttonsPanel">
        <button id="createBtn"
        <button id="editBtn"
        <button id="removeBtn"

        <relatedEntities for="invoiceTable"
            <property name="invoiceItems"

The for attribute is required. It contains the table identifier.

The openType="NEW_TAB" attribute sets the opening mode of the lookup windows to new tab. The entity browser is opened in the current tab by default.

The property element enables explicitly defining the related entity displayed in the drop-down.

property attributes:

  • name – the current entity attribute name, referencing the related entity.

  • screen – the identifier of the browser screen that should be opened.

  • filterCaption – the name of the dynamically generated filter.

The exclude attribute enables excluding some of the related entities from the drop-down list. The value of the property is a regular expression matching reference attributes to exclude.

gui relatedEntitiesTable

Attributes of relatedEntities

align - caption - description - enable - exclude - for - icon - id - openType - stylename - visible - width

Attributes of property

caption - filterCaption - name - screen