4.5.11. Keyboard Shortcuts

This section provides a list of keyboard shortcuts used in the generic user interface of the application. All the application properties listed below belong to the ClientConfig interface and can be used in Web Client and Desktop Client application blocks.

  • Main application window.

    • CTRL-SHIFT-PAGE_DOWN – switch to the next tab. Defined by the cuba.gui.nextTabShortcut property.

    • CTRL-SHIFT-PAGE_UP – switch to the previous tab. Defined by the cuba.gui.previousTabShortcut property.

  • Screens.

    • ESCAPE – close the current screen. Defined by the cuba.gui.closeShortcut property.

    • CTRL-ENTER – close the current editor and save the changes. Defined by the cuba.gui.commitShortcut property.

  • Standard actions for list components (Table, GroupTable, TreeTable, Tree). In addition to these application properties, a shortcut for a particular action can be set by calling it’s setShortcut() method.

    • CTRL-\ – call the CreateAction. Defined by the cuba.gui.tableShortcut.insert property.

    • CTRL-ALT-\ – call the AddAction. Defined by the cuba.gui.tableShortcut.add property.

    • ENTER – call the EditAction. Defined by the cuba.gui.tableShortcut.edit property.

    • CTRL-DELETE – call the RemoveAction and ExcludeAction. Defined by the cuba.gui.tableShortcut.remove property.

  • Drop-down lists (LookupField, LookupPickerField).

    • SHIFT-DELETE – clear the value.

  • Standard actions for lookup fields (PickerField, LookupPickerField, SearchPickerField). In addition to these application properties, a shortcut for a particular action can be set by calling its setShortcut() method.

    • CTRL-ALT-L – call the LookupAction. Defined by the cuba.gui.pickerShortcut.lookup.

    • CTRL-ALT-O – call the OpenAction. Defined by the cuba.gui.pickerShortcut.open property.

    • CTRL-ALT-C – call the ClearAction. Defined by the cuba.gui.pickerShortcut.clear property.

    In addition to these shortcuts, lookup fields support action calls with CTRL-ALT-1, CTRL-ALT-2 and so on, depending on the number of actions. If you click CTRL-ALT-1 the first action in the list will be called; clicking CTRL-ALT-2 calls the second action, etc. The CTRL-ALT combination can be replaced with any other combination specified in cuba.gui.pickerShortcut.modifiers property.

  • Filter component.

    • SHIFT-BACKSPACE – open the filter selection popup. Defined by the cuba.gui.filterSelectShortcut property.

    • SHIFT-ENTER – apply the selected filter. Defined by the cuba.gui.filterApplyShortcut property.