TreeTable component is a hierarchical table displaying a tree-like structure in the leftmost column. The component is used for entities that have references to themselves. For example, it can be a file system or a company organization chart.

gui treeTable

XML-name of the component: treeTable

The component is implemented for both Web Client and Desktop Client.

For TreeTable, the hierarchicalDatasource should be set in the datasource attribute of the rows element. Declaration of a hierarchicalDatasource should contain hierarchyProperty attribute – the name of the entity attribute which references the same entity.

Below is an example of component description in a screen XML descriptor:

    <hierarchicalDatasource id="tasksDs" class="com.sample.sales.entity.Task" view="browse"
            select t from sales$Task t
    <treeTable id="tasksTable" width="100%">
            <column id="name"/>
            <column id="dueDate"/>
            <column id="assignee"/>
        <rows datasource="tasksDs"/>

The functionality of TreeTable is similar to a simple Table.