Existing Entity Instance Update

An existing sales$Order entity instance can be updated with the PUT request on the address:


The last part of the query here is the entity identifier.

An OAuth token must be put in the Authorization header with the Bearer type.

The request body must contain a JSON object containing only fields we want to update, e.g.:

  "date": "2017-10-01",
  "customer" : {
    "id" : "5d111245-2ed0-abec-3bee-1a196da92e3e"

The response body will contain a modified entity:

  "_entityName": "sales$Order",
  "id": "5d7ff8e3-7828-ba94-d6ba-155c5c4f2a50",
  "date": "2017-10-01",
  "updatedBy": "admin",
  "description": "Back to school",
  "version": 2,
  "number": "00017",
  "createdBy": "admin",
  "createTs": "2016-10-13 18:12:21.047",
  "updateTs": "2016-10-13 19:13:02.656",
  "customer": {
    "_entityName": "sales$Customer",
    "id": "5d111245-2ed0-abec-3bee-1a196da92e3e",
    "firstName": "Morgan",
    "lastName": "Collins",
    "createdBy": "admin",
    "createTs": "2016-10-13 15:31:27.821",
    "version": 1,
    "updateTs": "2016-10-13 15:31:27.821",
    "email": "collins@gmail.com"