3.9.10. Project-specific Swagger Documentation

The generic documentation on the REST API is available at http://files.cuba-platform.com/swagger/7.0.

Any running CUBA application also exports the project-specific documentation generated according to the Swagger specification version 2.0.

The documentation is available at the following URLs:

  • /rest/v2/docs/swagger.yaml - YAML version of generic documentation.

  • /rest/v2/docs/swagger.json - JSON version of generic documentation.

  • /rest/v2/docs/swaggerDetailed.yaml - YAML version of project-specific Swagger documentation.

  • /rest/v2/docs/swaggerDetailed.json - JSON version of project-specific Swagger documentation.

For example:


The documentation can be used to visualize, test or generate a client code for the REST API. See the following tools: Swagger UI, Swagger Inspector, Postman, Swagger Codegen.

The generated documentation includes:

  1. CRUD operations, such as:

    All CRUD parameters and responses have a model available, for example:

    swagger crud model
  2. Predefined REST queries:

    swagger query
  3. Exposed services:

    swagger service