4.1.2. JPQL Dataset

JPQL dataset is produced as result of JPQL query execution. The resulted query fields must have aliases provided using the as operator. You can use report input parameters and parent bands fields in the JPQL query, similar to SQL query.

Below is an example of a JPQL query with a groupId parameter, obtained from the group parent band and an external active parameter:

select u.name as userName, u.login as userLogin
from sec$User u
where u.group.id = ${group.groupId}
    and u.active = ${active}

JPQL queries automatically support soft deletion and return only records which are not deleted.

You can also activate query preprocessing by checking the Preprocess query as Groovy template checkbox below the band editor.

By default, JPQL queries use entities mapped to the main database. If you want to query entities from an additional data store, set its name in the Data store field.