This is a legacy API. For new data API available since release 7.0, see Notifications section.

Notifications can be invoked using showNotification() method of the Frame interface. This interface is implemented by screen controller, so this method can be invoked directly from the controller code.

showNotification() method takes the following parameters:

  • caption - notification text. In case of HTML type (see below), you can format message text using HTML tags. When using HTML, don’t forget to escape data to prevent code injection in the web-client. You can use \n characters for line breaks in non-HTML messages.

  • description – an optional description displayed under the caption. You can also use \n character or HTML formatting.

  • type – notification type. Possible values:

    • TRAY, TRAY_HTML - a notification is displayed in the bottom right corner of the application and disappears automatically.

    • HUMANIZED, HUMANIZED_HTML – a standard notification displayed in the center of the screen, disappears automatically.

    • WARNING, WARNING_HTML – a warning. Disappears when clicked.

    • ERROR, ERROR_HTML – a notification about an error. Disappears when clicked.

Examples of invoking a notification:

showNotification(getMessage("selectBook.text"), NotificationType.HUMANIZED);

showNotification("Validation error", "<b>Date</b> is incorrect", NotificationType.TRAY_HTML);