deployWar - the task of the CubaJelasticDeploy type which deploys the WAR file to Jelastic server.

For example:

task deployWar(type: CubaJelasticDeploy, dependsOn: buildWar) {
   email = '<your@email.address>'
   password = '<your password>'
   context = '<app contex>'
   environment = '<environment name or ID>'
   hostUrl = '<Host API url>'

Task parameters:

  • appName - the name of the web application. By default, it corresponds to the Modules prefix, e.g., app.

  • email - Jelastic server account login.

  • password - Jelastic account password.

  • context - the application context. Default value: ROOT.

  • environment - the environment where the application WAR will be deployed. You can set either the environment name or its ID.

  • hostUrl - URL of the API host. Typically it is app.jelastic.<host name>.

  • srcDir - the directory where the WAR is located. By default it is "${project.buildDir}/distributions/war".