deploy – the task of the CubaDeployment type which performs fast deployment of a module to Tomcat. It is declared in the core, web and portal modules. Parameters:

  • appName – name of the web application that will be created from the module. In fact, it is the name of a subdirectory inside tomcat/webapps.

  • jarNames – the list of JAR file names (without versions) produced as a result of building a module and intended to be placed into the WEB-INF/lib catalog of the web application. All other module artifacts and dependencies will be copied to tomcat/shared/lib.

For example:

task deploy(dependsOn: assemble, type: CubaDeployment) {
    appName = 'app-core'
    jarNames = ['cuba-global', 'cuba-core', 'app-global', 'app-core']