4.4. Creating a Project

The recommended way to create a new project is to use CUBA Studio. An example can be found in the Quick Start chapter of this manual.

Another option is to use CUBA CLI:

  1. Open a terminal and start CUBA CLI.

  2. Input the command create-app. You can use tab auto-completion.

  3. CLI will ask you for the project configuration. Click ENTER to accept the defaults or select another options:

    • Project name – the project name. For sample projects CLI generates random names that can be selected by default.

    • Project namespace – the namespace which will be used as a prefix for entity names and database tables. The namespace can consist of Latin letters only and should be as short as possible.

    • Platform version – the platform version used in the project. The platform artifacts will be automatically downloaded from the repository on project build.

    • Root package – the root package of Java classes.

    • Database – the SQL database to use.

After that, the empty project will be created in a new folder in the current directory. You can keep developing it in Studio or using CLI and any IDE.