3.5.1. Screens for Customer

Select Customer entity in the DATA MODEL tab on the navigation panel to create standard screens for viewing and editing Customers. Click New → Generic UI screen at the top of the section. After that, the template browser page will appear.

qs create customer screens

All fields in this dialog are already populated with default values, there is no need to change them. Click the Create button.

Next, select the Entity Editor template and click Create again.

customer-edit.xml and customer-browse.xml items will appear in Web Module on GENERIC UI tab of the navigation panel.

You can specify localized captions for the screens. For this, select a screen and click Edit to open the screen designer page. Go to the Properties tab. Click the localization button next to the Caption field and specify screen names in different locales. Alternatively, you can open messages.properties item located in the screens package and edit browseCaption and editCaption messages for available locales.