4.7.2. REST API Version 2

Version 2 of the universal REST API provides the following functionality:

  • CRUD operations on entities.

  • Execution of predefined JPQL queries.

  • Execution of service methods.

  • Getting metadata (entities, views, enumerations, datatypes).

  • Getting current user permissions (access to entities, attributes, specific permissions).

  • Getting current user information (name, language, time zone, etc.).

  • Uploading and downloading files.

REST API Version 2 uses the OAuth2 protocol for authentication and supports anonymous access.


The detailed documentation for the API is written according to Swagger specification and is available at the following URL: http://files.cuba-platform.com/swagger.

Any running CUBA application also exports the swagger documentation at the URLs http://HOST:PORT/APP_NAME/rest/v2/docs/swagger.yaml and http://HOST:PORT/APP_NAME/rest/v2/docs/swagger.json.