ColorPicker is a field that allows a user to preview and select a color. Component returns a hexadecimal (HEX) value of the color as a string.

gui color picker

An example of a color picker with a caption retrieved from the localized messages pack:

<colorPicker id="colorPicker" caption="msg://colorPickerCaption"/>

The figure below shows an example of the color picker with the popup closed.

gui color picker mini

To create a color picker connected to data, use datasource and property attributes.

    <datasource id="carsDs" class="com.sample.sales.entity.Cars" view="_local"/>
    <colorPicker id="colorPicker" datasource="carsDs" property="color"/>

Attributes of сolorPicker:

  • buttonCaption - caption of the component button.

  • defaultCaptionEnabled - if set to true and buttonCaption is not set, displays HEX value as a button caption.

  • historyVisible - determines the visibility of history of recently picked colors in the popup window.

You can determine visibility of the popup tabs using the following attributes:

  • rgbVisible - determines the visibility of the RGB tab.

  • hsvVisible - determines the visibility of the HSV tab.

  • swatchesVisible - determines the visibility of the swatches tab.

By default, only the RGB tab is visible.

Also, if you want to redefine the labels in popup, you can use caption attributes:

  • popupCaption - caption of the popup window.

  • confirmButtonCaption - caption of the confirm button.

  • cancelButtonCaption - caption of the cancel button.

  • swatchesTabCaption - swatches tab caption.

  • lookupAllCaption - caption of lookup item for all colors.

  • lookupRedCaption - caption of lookup item for red color.

  • lookupGreenCaption - caption of lookup item for green color.

  • lookupBlueCaption - caption of lookup item for blue color.

getValue() method of the component returns a string, containing a HEX code of the selected color.