Record Sets

In order to use record sets with a screen, follow the steps below.

  1. Link the Filter component with the Table using the applyTo attribute.

  2. Add the addToSet predefined action to the table. After that, users will be able to add entities to sets using table’s context menu.

  3. Add a button representing the action to the buttons panel.

For example:

  <filter id="customerFilter" dataLoader="customersDl"

  <groupTable id="customersTable" dataContainer="customersDc">
          <action id="addToSet" type="addToSet"/>
          <button action="customersTable.addToSet"/>

When the screen displays some set, i.e. it is opened by clicking on a set in the folders panel, the table automatically shows Add to current set / Remove from current set actions in the context menu. If the table includes buttonsPanel (as in the example above), the corresponding table buttons are also shown.

Record sets are the instances of the SearchFolder entity stored in the related SYS_FOLDER and SEC_SEARCH_FOLDER tables.