Using Native Polymer Tools

You can use native Polymer framework toolchain when developing Polymer UI components. It can be convenient if a separate team of front-end developers works on the project. In this case, Node.js should be installed on the system.

Install bower and polymer-cli globally:

npm install bower polymer-cli -g

Then you can build and run the web application without Gradle:

cd modules/polymer-client
npm install
bower install
polymer serve

You need to specify the absolute path to REST API in modules/polymer-client/index.html if you want to serve the app by polymer server (instead of Tomcat), e.g.:

<myapp-shell api-url="http://localhost:8080/app/rest/"></myapp-shell>

After that, the web application will be available at http://localhost:8081 (see the particular port in command line output) and it will work with the REST API running at http://localhost:8080/app/rest/.