5.7.3. Client Tier Integration Tests

Client tier integration tests can be implemented using JMockit framework. It helps isolating the tests from the Middleware and creating the required infrastructure objects.

Client integration test class should be inherited from CubaClientTestCase. In the @Before method, you should call the inherited methods addEntityPackage(), setViewConfig() and then setupInfrastructure() to create Metadata and Configuration objects and deploy metadata for selected entities. Then, in the @Before method, you can extend the infrastructure with required mock objects using Expectations or NonStrictExpectations.

An example of an initialized @Before method from one of the platform tests:

public void setUp() throws Exception {

    metadataSession = metadata.getSession();
    dataSupplier = new TestDataSupplier();

    dataSupplier.commitCount = 0;

    new NonStrictExpectations() {
        @Mocked ClientConfig clientConfig;
        @Mocked PersistenceHelper persistenceHelper;
            configuration.getConfig(ClientConfig.class); result = clientConfig;

            clientConfig.getCollectionDatasourceDbSortEnabled(); result = true;

            persistenceManager.getMaxFetchUI(anyString); result = 10000;

            PersistenceHelper.isNew(any); result = false;