2.5. Creating the Database and Running the Application

  1. Click CUBA > Generate Database Scripts in the main menu to create the database tables. After that, Database Scripts page will open.

  2. Click Save and close button to save the generated scripts.

  3. To run update scripts select CUBA > Update database.

  4. Now let’s see how the created screens look in the actual application. Click the run_button button in the main toolbar.

  5. Open the application in a web browser at http://localhost:8080/app. You can also open the running application in the web browser using the Runs At…​ CUBA tree section.

  6. Log in with the username and password admin / admin. User admin has all permissions. If you create another user that will model processes, you should assign them the bpm-process-admin design-time role.

The running application contains menu items BPM, Application, Administration and Help, as well as security and administration subsystems functionality.