1. Overview

The Add-on provides the following functionality:

  • Generic screens for registering and running Pentaho reports. The access to registered reports can be restricted using CUBA security roles.

  • A visual component for embedding Pentaho reports to any application screen.

  • Single Sign-On between your CUBA application and Pentaho. It works as follows:

    • Users should have the same login names in the CUBA application and Pentaho.

    • When a user opens a report, the application generates a ticket for the user and pins username and the ticket to the Pentaho request. The ticket is stored in the user session.

    • CUBA plugin on the Pentaho server detects the ticket coming with the request and calls back the application to check if the ticket is valid.

    • If the ticket is valid, the plugin authorizes the user on the Pentaho server with roles that configured for the user in Pentaho.