Appendix B: Application Properties

This section describes the application properties related to the report generator in the alphabetical order.


Allows running OpenOffice/LibreOffice in the server operating system without a window interface.

Default value: false

Used in the Middleware block.


Defines whether TAB key should be handled as \t symbol instead of focus navigation in Script fields of the report editor.

Default value: false

Used in the client blocks.


Path to the fonts directory for converting HTML to PDF.

For example: reporting.fontsDir = C:/Windows/Fonts.

Used in the Middleware block.


Turns on using OpenOffice to convert the report having DOCX template to HTML/PDF, which significantly increases the conversion accuracy.

Default value: false

Used in the reporting.enableTabSymbolInDataSetEditor block.


Sets the path to OpenOffice.

Default value: /

Used in the Middleware block.


Specifies the comma- or vertical bar-separated list of available ports for OpenOffice/LibreOffice.

For example: reporting.openoffice.ports = 8100|8101|8102|8103|8104|8105.

Default value: 8100, 8101, 8102, 8103.

Used in the Middleware block.


Sets the mode when the bands which datasets have returned no records are still displayed once.

Default value: true

Used in the Middleware block.