4.8.2. Debug Version of Widgetset

The easiest way to debug the application on the client side without GWT Super Dev Mode is to use the debug configuration inside the web module configuration.

  1. Add the new debug configuration inside webModule:

    configure(webModule) {
        configurations {
            debug // a new configuration
  2. Add the debug dependency inside the dependencies block of webModule:

    dependencies {

    If the charts add-on is added, then debug("com.haulmont.charts:charts-web-toolkit:$cubaVersion:debug@zip") must be used.

  3. Add deploy.doLast task to the webModule configure block:

    task deploy.doLast {
        project.delete "$cuba.tomcat.dir/webapps/app/VAADIN/widgetsets"
        project.copy {
            from zipTree(configurations.debug.singleFile)
            into "$cuba.tomcat.dir/webapps/app"

The debug scenarios will be deployed in the $cuba.tomcat.dir/webapps/app/VAADIN/widgetsets/com.haulmont.cuba.web.toolkit.ui.WidgetSet directory of the project.