The buildInfo task is automatically added to your global module configuration by the CUBA Gradle plugin. It writes the build-info.properties file with the information about your application into the global artifact (e.g. app-global-1.0.0.jar). This information is read by the BuildInfo bean at runtime and is displayed on the Help > About window. This bean can also be invoked by different mechanisms to get the information about the application name, version, etc.

You can optionally change the following task parameters:

  • appName - application name. By default, the project name set in settings.gradle is used.

  • artifactGroup - artifact group, which is by convention equal to the root package of the project.

  • version - application version. By default, the version set in the cuba.artifact.version property is used.

  • properties - a map of arbitrary properties, empty by default.

Example of specifying custom properties of the buildInfo task:

configure(globalModule) {
    buildInfo {
        appName = 'MyApp'
        properties = ['prop1': 'val1', 'prop2': 'val2']
    // ...