3.9.17. User Session Log

This mechanism is designed for retrieving historical data on the users' login and logout by the system administrators. The logging mechanism is based on tracking user sessions. Each time the UserSession object is created, the log record is saved to the database containing the following fields:

  • user session ID.

  • user ID.

  • substituted user ID.

  • user’s last action (login / logout / expiration / termination).

  • remote IP address where login request came from.

  • user session client type (web, portal).

  • server ID (for example, localhost:8080/app-core).

  • event start date.

  • event end date.

  • client information (session environment: OS, web browser etc).

By default, the user session logging mechanism is not activated. The simplest way to activate logging is using the Enable Logging button on the Administration > User Session Log application screen. Alternatively, you can use cuba.UserSessionLogEnabled application property.

If needed, you can create a report for the sec$SessionLogEntry entity.