Datatype Format Strings

Locale-dependent parsing formats are provided in the main messages pack of the application or its components, in the strings with the following keys:

  • numberDecimalSeparator – decimal separator for numeric types.

  • numberGroupingSeparator – thousands separator for numeric types.

  • integerFormat – format for Integer and Long types.

  • doubleFormat – format for Double type.

  • decimalFormat – format for BigDecimal type.

  • dateTimeFormat – format for java.util.Date type.

  • dateFormat – format for java.sql.Date type.

  • timeFormat – format for java.sql.Time type.

  • trueString – string corresponding to Boolean.TRUE.

  • falseString – string corresponding to Boolean.FALSE.

Studio allows you to set format strings for languages used in your application. Edit Project Properties, click the button in the Available locales field, then click Show data format strings.

Format strings for a locale can be obtained using the FormatStringsRegistry bean.