3.5.19. Unsupported Browser Page

If the browser’s version isn’t supported by the application, the user will see a standard page with a notification, a suggestion to update the browser and a list of recommended browsers.

Users will not be able to work with the application until they update the browser.

unsupported browser page
Figure 30. Unsupported browser page

You can change or localize the content of a default page. In order to do this, use the following keys in the main message pack of the web module:

  • unsupportedPage.captionMessage – notification caption;

  • unsupportedPage.descriptionMessage – notification description;

  • unsupportedPage.browserListCaption – caption of the browser’s list;

  • unsupportedPage.chromeMessage – message for Chrome browser;

  • unsupportedPage.firefoxMessage – message for Firefox browser;

  • unsupportedPage.safariMessage – message for Safari browser;

  • unsupportedPage.operaMessage – message for Opera browser;

  • unsupportedPage.edgeMessage – message for Edge browser;

  • unsupportedPage.explorerMessage – message for Explorer browser.

You can use a custom template for the unsupported browser page:

  1. Create a new *.html file template.

  2. Set the path to the new template in the cuba.web.unsupportedPagePath property of the web-app.properties file:

    cuba.web.unsupportedPagePath = /com/company/sample/web/sys/unsupported-page-template.html