6.2.1. Login Screen

The login screen provides the ability to register within the system with a login name and password. The login name is case-insensitive.

The Web Client’s Remember Me checkbox can be configured by using the cuba.web.rememberMeEnabled application property. The drop-down list of supported languages on the standard login screen can be configured with the cuba.localeSelectVisible and cuba.availableLocales application properties.

In Web Client, the standard login window can be customized or completely replaced in the project using CUBA Studio. Select Generic UI in the project tree and click New > Screen in the context menu. Then select the Login window template on the Legacy Screen Templates tab. The new ext-loginWindow.xml file will be created in the Web module and automatically registered in the web-screens.xml. See also Web Client Infrastructure.

The platform has a mechanism for the protection against password brute force cracking: see the cuba.bruteForceProtection.enabled application property.

For deeper customization of the authentication procedure, see Login and Web Login sections.