ConfigStorageMBean enables viewing and setting values of the application properties in the Middleware, Web Client and Web Portal blocks.

This interface has separate sets of operations for working with properties stored in files (*AppProperties) and stored in the database (*DbProperties). These operations show only the properties explicitly set in the storage. It means that if you have a configuration interface defining a property and its default value, but you did not set the value in the database (or a file), these methods will not show the property and its current value.

Please note that the changes to property values stored in files are not persistent, and are valid only until restart of the application block.

Unlike the operations described above, the getConfigValue() operation returns exactly the same value as the corresponding method of the configuration interface invoked in the application code.

JMX ObjectName:

  • app-core.cuba:type=ConfigStorage

  • app.cuba:type=ConfigStorage

  • app-portal.cuba:type=ConfigStorage