Setting up Connection to the Middleware Cluster

In order for the client blocks to be able to work with multiple Middleware servers, the list of server URLs should be specified in the cuba.connectionUrl application property. For the Web Client, this can be done in tomcat/conf/app/local.app.properties:

cuba.useLocalServiceInvocation = false
cuba.connectionUrlList = http://host3:8080/app-core,http://host4:8080/app-core

cuba.webHostName = host1
cuba.webPort = 8080
cuba.webContextName = app

A middleware server is randomly determined on the first remote connection for a user session, and it is fixed for the whole session lifetime ("sticky session"). Requests from anonymous session and without session do not stick to a server and go to random servers.

The algorithm of selecting a middleware server is provided by the cuba_ServerSorter bean which is by default implemented by the RandomServerSorter class. You can provide your own implementation in your project.