Frames are reusable parts of screens. Frames are included in screens using the frame XML element.

A frame controller must extend the AbstractFrame class.


You can create a frame in Studio using the Blank frame template.

Below are the rules of interaction between a frame and its enclosing screen:

  • Frame components can be referenced from a host screen using dot: frame_id.component_id

  • Host screen components can be obtained from a frame controller by invoking getComponent(component_id) method, but only if there is no component with the same name in the frame itself. I.e. frame components mask screen components.

  • Screen datasource can be obtained from a frame by invoking getDsContext().get(ds_id) method or injection, or using ds$ds_id in query, but only if the datasource with the same name is not declared in the frame itself (same as for components).

  • From a screen, frame datasource can be obtained only by iterating the getDsContext().getChildren() collection.

The screen commit causes commit of modified datasources of all frames included in the screen.