4.1.4. Application Structure

The above-listed architectural principles are directly reflected in the composition of assembled application. Let us consider the example of a simple application sales, which has two blocks – Middleware and Web Client; and includes functionality of the two base projects cuba and reports.

Figure 8. The structure of a simple application

The figure demonstrates the contents of several directories of the Tomcat server with a deployed application sales in it.

The Middleware block is represented by the app-core web application, the Web Client block – by the app web application. The executable code of the web applications can be found in directories WEB-INF/lib in sets of JAR files. Each JAR (artifact) is a result of assembly of one of the application or base project modules.

For instance, the contents of JAR files of the web application in middle tier app-core is determined by the facts that the Middleware block includes global and core modules, and the application uses cuba and reports base projects.