ScriptingManagerMBean is the JMX facade for the Scripting infrastructure interface.

JMX ObjectName: app-core.cuba:type=ScriptingManager

JMX attributes:

JMX operations:

  • runGroovyScript() – executes a Groovy script in the Middleware context and returns the result. The following variables are passed to the script:

    • persistence of the Persistence type.

    • metadata of the Metadata type.

    • configuration of the Configuration type.

    • dataManager of the DataManager type.

      The result type should be of the String type to be displayed in the JMX interface. Otherwise, the method is similar to the Scripting.runGroovyScript() method.

      The example script for creating a set of test users is shown below:

      import com.haulmont.cuba.core.*
      import com.haulmont.cuba.core.global.*
      import com.haulmont.cuba.security.entity.*
      PasswordEncryption passwordEncryption = AppBeans.get(PasswordEncryption.class)
      Transaction tx = persistence.createTransaction()
      try {
          EntityManager em = persistence.getEntityManager()
          Group group = em.getReference(Group.class, UUID.fromString('0fa2b1a5-1d68-4d69-9fbd-dff348347f93'))
          for (i in (1..250)) {
              User user = new User()
              user.setLogin("user_${i.toString().padLeft(3, '0')}")
              user.setPassword(passwordEncryption.getPasswordHash(user.id, '1'));
      } finally {