MetadataTools is a managed bean, containing additional methods for working with metadata. You can access MetadataTools interface by either using Metadata.getTools() method, or as any other bean – by means of injection or through AppBeans class.

`MetadataTools `methods:

  • getAllPersistentMetaClasses() – returns the collection of persistent entities meta-classes.

  • getAllEmbeddableMetaClasses() – returns the collection of embeddable entities meta-classes.

  • getAllEnums() – returns the collection of enumeration classes used as entity attributes types.

  • format() – formats the passed value according to data type of the given meta-property.

  • isSystem() – checks if a meta-property is system, i.e. specified in one of the basic entity interfaces.

  • isPersistent() – checks if a meta-property is persistent, i.e. stored in the database.

  • isTransient() – checks if a meta-property or an arbitrary attribute is non-persistent.

  • isEmbedded() – checks if a meta-property is an embedded object.

  • isAnnotationPresent() – checks if an annotation is present on the class or on one of its ancestors.

  • getNamePatternProperties() – returns collection of meta-properties of attributes included in the instance name, returned by Instance.getInstanceName() method. See @NamePattern.

You can override MetadataTools bean in your application to extend the set of its methods. The examples of working with the extended interface:

MyMetadataTools tools = metadata.getTools();
((MyMetadataTools) metadata.getTools()).foo();