Appendix B: Application Properties

This section lists the application properties that are relevant to the full text search subsystem.


Additive property defining a FTS configuration file of the project.

The file is loaded using the Resources interface, so it can be located in classpath or in the configuration directory.

Used in the Middleware block.


cuba.ftsConfig = +com/company/sample/fts.xml

All properties that are described below are runtime parameters stored in the database and available in the application code via the FtsConfig configuration interface.


The flag enabling the FTS functionality in the project.

Can be changed via the Enabled attribute of the app-core.fts:type=FtsManager JMX bean.

Default value: false


Absolute path to the directory storing indexed files. If not specified, the ftsindex subdirectory of the application work directory (defined by the cuba.dataDir property) is used; in the default deployment configuration, it is tomcat/work/app-core/ftsindex.

Default value: unspecified


Number of records extracted from the indexing queue per one invocation of processQueue().

This limitation is relevant to the situation when the indexing queue contains a very large number of records, for example, after executing the reindexAll() method of the app-core.fts:type=FtsManager JMX bean. In this case, indexing is done in batches, which takes more time, but creates a limited and predictable server load.

Default value: 300


Number of records put to the indexing queue per one invocation of reindexNextBatch().

Default value: 5000


The maximum number of entries in the search result.

Default value: 100


Number of elements in a single batch of search results. A user will need to click More on the results screen to view the next batch.

Default value: 5