2.2. Setting up Application Project

In order to display maps in your application, you should add the charts application component, as it was described for the chart display subsystem. Additionally, you should define the following application properties for the Web Client block:

  • One of the following parameters (see detailed information on these parameters in the Google Maps API documentation):

    • charts.map.apiKey - a browser key.

    • charts.map.clientId - a client ID.

  • Optional parameters:

    • charts.map.defaultZoom - default zoom level for the map.

    • charts.map.defaultLatitude - default latitude of the map center point.

    • charts.map.defaultLongitude - default longitude of the map center point.

Example of a web-app.properties file:

charts.map.apiKey = my_key
charts.map.defaultZoom = 13.0
charts.map.defaultLatitude = 51.5001
charts.map.defaultLongitude = -0.1262