4.9. Completing a Task by Timer

To complete a task after a certain time interval, you should:

  • Add the Boundary timer event node to the task node.

  • Draw the flow from the timer node to another required node.

  • Define an expression for the time interval in the Time duration property of the timer node. For example, PT15M is an expression for 15 minutes interval.

  • Set the Cancel activity property to true. It will cancel the current task when the timer is fired.

  • In the Timer outcome property, define the task outcome that should be used when the task is completed by the timer.

Figure 27. Timer Edit

Defining an outcome for the timer:

<boundaryEvent id="managerApprovalTimer" cancelActivity="true" attachedToRef="managerApproval">

By default, the Job executor for processing timers is disabled. To enable it, set the application property bpm.activiti.asyncExecutorEnabled = true.